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Hello customers who love the brand of L'eau Claire

We would like to express our deepest joy and gratitude to all customers who visited the Lou Clair brand website .
L'eau Claire


L’eau Clair brand that pursues healthy beauty is a brand that has been made with customers for the last 15 years.
In order to grow into a brand that coexists with humanity, nature, and science, we will continue to breathe with our customers for the rest of the time and will reward you with pride that we are of the highest quality.

Neighborhood & COMPANY

I will be a neighboring company that raises the temperature of warmth by one degree in the world .

We will create content tailored to the new community and communicate with you. I will stand at the center of a corporate brand that can create healthy beauty by developing a product that reflects the will of the customer. We will create a true company like your neighbors who share your love and respect for your customers. Thank you.

Yeonje CEO, In- Ho Chang



2003's ~ 2010's

November 2003: Kim Pharmacy Mall opened

December 2003: Started functional cosmetics research / Pharmacist research

January 2004: Pharmacy Acne Therapeutic Soap Study

March 2004: Developed “acne soap”

January 2005: HanSkin Acne Control Line Research and Development

May 2005: Control line pharmacy sales

January 2006: Research and development of functional cosmetics for hospital treatment

February 2007: R & D for cosmetics for obstetrics and gynecology

February 2008: Research and development of cosmetics for atopy

February, 2009: A study on the whitening improvement agent through natural plants

February 2010: Development of raw materials for cosmetics by separation of plant polysaccharides

2011's ~ 2013's

February, 2011: Study on hair loss treatment through cultivation of wild ginseng

February 2012: Established a joint venture corporation. Inauguration of CEO Jae In Ho

March 2012: Development and trademark registration of fermentation enzymes acid Sanayas

July 2012: Moving headquarters Incheon Metropolitan City Seo-gu

November 2012: Signed MOU with Vitamin House Co., Ltd. Developed diet shake

January 2013: Signed MOU for Boulder Farm

March 2013: Capital increase: 80 million won

Dec 2013: Capital increase 13,000 million won
Canadian Premier Nutritionals MOU


January 2014: Developed DIY BIOTIN as No. 1 trademark

February 2014: Number one brand development of health functional food

March 2014: Signed MOU for NS Home Shopping

June 2014: Signed MOU with Canadian Natural Life Inc. Developed Enchobie Omega 1100

July 2014: Developed the number one premiere herb omega 3 1200

November 2014: Signed MOU with Aju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

December 2014: Signed Green Cross HS MOU Probiotics Developed
CJ O Shopping MOU


January 2015

Signed MOU for development of Vitamin D brand of AJU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Signed MOU for
GS Home Shopping MOU for
Hyundai Home Shopping

March 2015

No. 1 Ultra-Enchoby Omega 3 Launches 1200
Number One Sun Vitamin D1000IU Launches Sun Vitamin D Drop 400IU

September 2015: Coenzyme Q10 100MG released

November 2015: Natural F & P MOU signed Lactobacillus lactobacillus

December 2015: Capital increase of 28 million Yuan


January 2016

SA Cosmetic MOU Contracted
Esthetic Cosmetic Research and Development

February 2016: Registered cosmetics manufacturing and selling place

March 2016: Human stem cell cosmetic research, Plant stem cell cosmetic research

May 2016:

Nano Collagen Research and Development, Garminia Diet Research and Development
Coenzyme Q10 Hongkuk Ace R & D
affiliate research institute establishment [Government registration], ISO900 2008 certification
Venture company certification [Technology certification], Brand website open

June 2016: China, Vietnam trademark application

July 2016:

Production of plant stem cell cosmetics, registration of
Lucle callus brand Completion of esthetic cosmetics product production, production of Luc Clair spa products

August 2016: Signed Canada VIVA COMPANY MOU

Sep 2016:

Registered as an active member of Korea Association of Leaflets, selected as an export support company by Korea Trade Corporation

October 2016:

2016 KITA Chongqing Overseas big buyer invitation export business meeting selection

December 2016:

Amazon USA Store, Amazon JAPAN Store, Amazon INDIA Store,
Amazon UK Store, Ebay Store, Qoo10 Store, Aliexpress Store, Store, Alibaba Store, EC21 Store, Buy Korea Store


January 2017: Established esthetic program research center

February 2017: Research and development of skin care program

March 2017: Franchise business registration and R & D

April 2017

Lou Coulter CELL brand development / Pull cell / stem cell
2017 Participation in COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL

June 2017: Participated in K-BEAUTY EXPO VIETNAM

August 2017: Participated in SETEC 2017 Skin Health Expo

Sep 2017:

Selected as a high-growth venture company by the Small and Medium Business Administration Participated in
KINTEX 9th K Beauty Fair

November 2017:

2017 Participated in the 6th Qingdao Korea Excellent Small and Medium Business Commodity Qingdao Trade Fair Participated
MOU with Garmonia of Russia Contracted $ 100,000

December 2017

Participated in COEX International Beauty Expo 2017


January 2018

Contract with Masinisa Ltd of Morocco for USD 100,000 OEM product
development Petitra Formulation Development 200 items

February 2018: Production of petitla products

March 2018

Contract for the development of u-skins franchise in China $ 100,000 for the development of
Dr. Method brand Contract for the development of
beauty sensation RX stem cell mask in
China $ 100,000 Participated in Guangzhou Beauty International Expo 2018 in China

April 2018: Participated in Chengdu Beauty International Exhibition in China

May 2018:

2018 Participated in Seoul International Cosmetics and Beauty Industry Fair
2018 Participated in Shanghai Pudong Beauty Fair

June 2018: Participated in 2018 K-BEAUTY EXPO VIETNAM EXPO

July 2018: Signed OEM production contract with SALMONTOX in Vietnam

August 2018

Yichang Global Joint Venture Agreement – La Merryl brand development and production agreement

1 time OJT – China franchise 2 pioneer

September 2018: Participated in the Korea Skincare Association’s Fair 2018

October 2018:

Participated in the International Beauty Expo Korea Fair 2018

Yichang Global Spabo brand development and production agreement

November 2018: 2 times OJT – Launching 5th franchise in China

Dec 2018:

3 times OJT – Launching 10 franchises in China

Luka cosmetic joint venture agreement – Vishnu brand development and production agreement

SY International Joint Venture Agreement – NabiNen brand development and production agreement

Masinisa Joint Venture Agreement – Africa Middle East Development and Production Agreement

Vietnam Global Leaders Joint Venture Agreement – Vietnam Branch Agreement


Company Profile

Company summary

mission Corporation capital 400 million
establish February 2, 2012 address No. 29, No. 22 (IBC Center) No. 201, Gajwa, Seocho-gu, Incheon, Korea
representation Jang In-ho Main Phone 1566-0190, 1566-6857
Main business Cosmetics R & D Manufacture and Sales, Health Functional Food R & D, Manufacturing, Sales, Cosmetic Raw Material Development
Key Executives CEO In-Ho Chang, Director General Kwak Dong Won, Research Director Jang Hyun Ki, Education Director Yong Lee, Appreciation Kim In-na


Management Status

Capital & Sales Capital 400 million Manufacture sales 7 billion
Manpower and workplace Management Planning 2 people Marketing 5 people 50 people research 10 people Beauty valley business
Major Products Skin care, makeup cosmetics, quasi-drugs
Sales and personnel planning Expansion to more than 20 billion 100 employees by 2019
Plan to enter the market Plan to advance into two Eurasia countries in the Americas by 10 countries in Southeast Asia by 2019


Technology Status

Company Certification Certified as a Venture Enterprise by Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea, ISO9001 2008, 22716 Quality Management Certification, Certified by Corporate R & D Center, Korea Innovations Innovice Certification, Factory cGMP Progress
Trademark Luc Claire, Korea, Vietnam, China Trademark registration, Madrid trademark registration worldwide
Research Institute Cosmetic material and formulation development core research institute

Fields of Business

Cosmetics manufacturing

Cosmetic R & D

Development of raw materials for cosmetics

Development of Cosmetic Formulation

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Manufacture, stable and high-quality products faithful to the requirements of OEM companies

From ODM
product development to delivery of finished products

Manufacture and sale of cosmetics

Development of cosmetics brand

Cosmetics product planning

Development of cosmetic packaging

Cosmetics Marketing R & D

L'eau Claire R & D

Materials Research

It is our mission to discover and study materials that are of value to human health. We are constantly exploring and exploiting a wide range of substances, from cosmetic raw materials to health functional foods and quasi-raw materials
The value for the future of the better and happier mankind is based on material research.

Raw material research

L’eau Claire established a company-affiliated research institute and collaborated with industry-academics established at famous universities to study the callus material of stem cells, which can develop into any organization, and the protein which induces the proliferation of natural products and skin cells (Protain) Research, Phytochemical Research which is a Chemical Reaction Material of Plants, etc. We are researching to find a useful substance in the human body and formulating the raw materials necessary for the product.

Cosmetic Research

Since 1993, we have been promoting skin research for domestic women. We have developed standardized research and development experiences of skin characteristics and skin problems based on skin measurement data of more than 150,000 domestic women. We are researching medical cosmetics field by COWORK R & D with cosmetics manufacturer.

L'eau Claire's OEM PrOCESS


Manufacturing faithful to the needs of the enterprise

Stable, high-quality products

We aim at OEM (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING) which can always trust and produce with stable high quality products that meet customer’s prescription .


L’eau Claire is
equipped with systems and facilities that can deliver high quality products according to the prescriptions provided to meet the needs of customers .


Safety & Quality

Safety, quality system

The company complies with the quality management regulations through ISO9001, and the related manufacturers also take the international standard ISO 9001 (quality management) / 14001 (environmental management) as one of the CGMP (excellent cosmetic manufacturing and quality control standard) 22716 (cosmetics international standard) certification. OHSAS 18001 (safety and health management) certification. We also ensure the quality of our products by OEMs who maintain the best global quality system through regular AUDIT with global companies such as L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson and Mary Kay.