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As I get older, it’s a matter of course. 
One of the skin troubles that I always follow is the elasticity. ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ 
Whether the skin is naturally congenital, is it acquired … or is it compared to friends of my age? 
Lack of elasticity. 

I often go for skin care.  
 I wish I could manage it at home. 
I tried using Lucille Spaperenta ampoule. 

Fermenta, meaning Fermenta 
You mean a white-throated mushroom spore and a highly concentrated ampoule fermented? haha

I heard the extract of 420mg. 
Normally, when a substance breaks down and comes to a beneficial ingredient in our body, it is called fermentation. 
It is said to be decayed if it is harmful and stinks. 
Perenta Rosemary Ampoules 
Naturally, it is possible to ferment and bring out beneficial ingredients for our skin. 
I gathered them together and made them into essence. 

There are 12 pieces in total of 84 ml each in 7 millimeters. 
There are usually 50ml of cosmetic essence. 
The requirement is much longer to use than that. 

Wow!!! Abundant. haha
Rugurea ampoules are often used as oils or diffusers. 
Includes 7 flavors and 6 functions. 
Rosemary – elasticity 
Lavender – calm 
Eucalyptus – calm 
Tea Tree – Trouble 
Geranium – all types 
Lemon – whitening 
Bugamot – Moisturizing 
You can use them according to your skin type. 

I tighten my tightened pores tightly. 
Rosemary fermented ampoules 
So why do not we try it? 🙂 

Turn the lid to Bangle Bangle. 

The order of applying functional cosmetics to each person is different 
It is usually moisturized with toner 
Apply the essence and apply the ampoule. ^^ 
Then apply the cream according to the symbol. 

I first put it on my back. 
Oh, I like the fragrance. I feel like I came to take care of the shop ~~ 
I leaned slightly and slowly flowed. 
Because it is a high concentration liquid, it slowly coalesces and flows down. 

I’ll take a drop on my face this time. 
Squeeze in a vertical position and fall faster than the back of your hand 
It flows slowly. 
Please blow it up! 
If you have a high frequency massage at home, 
It would be more effective if you let it slowly penetrate into your skin.  
Or you can hit me with your fingertips. 

Ingredients that act badly on the skin are not added. 
Luc Claire only uses recyclable containers for nature. 

It’s soft and moist. 
Satisfaction satisfied ^^ 

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