L’eau Claire Moisture Booster Charges Moisture

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anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics
[Lucille Callus] 
Wrinkle Aloe Extract Moisture Booster Essence 
It’s late!
I am in urgent need of functional products 
83 My older sister is?
Helps improve skin wrinkles
This product is also filled with moisture 
I waited with a bloated expectation !!
It comes packaged safely. Hi-Hi!
After opening the courier, 
It is fun ~ Maybe it is pleasure ~ ㅋ 

Luc Claire products always packed so pretty!
The rainbow lives alive! 
It is a luxurious,

It’s a tidy design!
English is a little burdensome for me as a young lady ;;
In Korea, wrinkle aloe extract booster essence!
This name is long and I can remember it.
But the important thing is not your name !!!
How much wrinkle improves,
I wonder whether the water is charged or not!

The result of applying to the hand!
This is a hit hit !!!
How is it so soft !!
There are a lot of people,
No stickiness –
Although I prefer fragrance,
This scent is good …
This .. 
Other indie-flavored indie -_-?
While scanning the ingredients!

“The moment the skin feels pulled 
The aging of skin rapidly
Progress. “
It is too scary to touch it too ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
Wrinkle improvement and water replenishment
The two rabbits 
A striking copy of this product !!
* Busy time in the bathroom after cleansing 
Just use anti-aging serum 
Meets basic skin care effects *
Kya ~ It’s really cool who made it !!
(If it really works)

What are the characteristics of this product?
1. KFDA “Functional cosmetics to improve wrinkles” 
It is a certified product ~~ 
2. Ingredients: Use edelweis callus!
It is effective for wrinkle improvement, whitening, and so on!  
3. It contains coenzyme Q10 
Antioxidant effect!
4. Mucopolysaccharides extracted from sugarcane 
Nutritionally effective for sensitive skin!
This is …
It’s all good.
So the price is … 59,000! 
This seems reasonable! 
I wash in the bathroom and dry my hair.
There is skin lotion outside. 
I’m right outside and going in again.
I was bothered by washing my feet with water,
Sometimes I do not.
Put one of these in the bathroom immediately after washing 촥촥 –
I went to the skin lotion phase with a smile on my face.
It would be convenient and safe to ignore.
Lucille Moisture Booster / Water Essence
Please try it! haha

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