L’eau Claire Perfectioner Ampoules Moisture Different

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Hello ~
If your skin lacks moisture
Looks like the wrinkles are too small.
It’s getting less elastic.
Only one ampoule for winter
If you choose well, your skin can regain normal condition!

Lucille Perfectiona Rosemary Ampoules
Tighten the loosened pores tightly
It helps with firm and smooth skin.

Skin barrier strengthening and nutrition
Exceptional moisturizing and quick absorbency
Completely elastic and firm skin

Contains fermented extract, anti-inflammation, skin improvement, skin moisturizing
It helps.

Why fermented extract is good ?!
After the fermentation process, the nutrients
It was converted into ultra-fine particles, 
The original function is doubled
They said it would break down toxins and species metals.

Please use for such skin.
Those who are weakened by skin aging
Uneven skin tone or dull skin
Stressed rough skin
Skin without gloss

leauclaire Fermenta Ampoule
The original ampoule is in a glass bottle.
While used as a disposable, Lucille Perfector ampoule
I can use it many times and it seems to be caustic rain.

When you open the lid,
You can apply it in an appropriate amount.

Just use ampoule for skin care with home care
It seems rare to be helpful in the short term.

Transparent and slightly viscous formulation
It was absorbed well.

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