L’eau Claire Perfector Ampoule Testimonial – Fresh moisturizing!

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Leclacer Perfector Ampoule Testimonial – Fresh moisturizing!
As the diurnal difference grows, there is a small change in skin.
If you have a rough face and make-up, you do not eat better than usual.
I keep knocking on the puff to eat but … ㅎㅎ not eating .. ;;
So when you do this,
Your skin is clean and moist.
So it is a medicine prescription, ampoule late!

Fermenta bergamot ampoule
Lucille Percenta ampoule
leauclaire Fermenta Ampoule
Lavender (Sensitive)
Eucalyptus (calm)
Geranium (all skin)
Tea Tree (Trouble)
Bergamot (moisturizing)
Rosemary (elasticity)
Lemon (whitening)
Peptide (all skin)
There are many types of ampoules ^^
In addition, the Lou Claire intensive line of ampoules and more
Depending on my skin type and current skin condition
It can be used in various ways ~
I feel so dry these days
Choice with bergamot!

In Lucille Percenta ampoule
It contains various fermented extracts ~
Bergamot fruit oil, soybean fermentation extract, white throat mushroom sporophyll and extract,
It contains an extract of marjoram and aloe vera leaves.
Mostly moisturizing, calming, effective in increasing immunity
Fermented extracts ^ ^

Simple, luxurious
Lucille Percenta ampoule!
I think it would be nice to present it to a friend who is married ahead of time ~

Fermenta bergamot ampoule
Fermaenta Bergarmot Ampoule
I’m getting the product and I’m putting it on in the morning and evening.
I feel good feeling
It was good to have a long lasting moisturizer.
So, actually, in the morning …
I was burdened with the ampoule.
Percenta bergamot ampoule is not so 🙂

Ampoule 6 + 1
30 days from the date of release
It’s called optimized shelf life.
If you open the ampoule lid, please use it ^ ^

Ampule container is tube type ~
So if you open the lid and use it by pressing it

It is morning and it is bushish ..
I wash it and I rub the toner.
Use ampoules right away!
I feel good feeling
I recommend you to use the lotion before you !!

Bok ~~~ ㅋㅋ
Reviews of Lucille Pertera Ampel
Luklaer Perfector Ampoule Formulation
Transparent and viscous type!
I feel a little aloe gel like ~
It will be absorbed immediately.
I did not paint on the left,
It’s definitely neat, but the moisture is wrong.
Does it feel like something?
Overall Review
It is a non-stressed moisturizing ampoule ~
The flavor is not strong either.
It’s available for all types, so it’s good for men too.
Now the groom and the two are writing well ^ ^
Luke Claire PERMENTER ampoule

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