L’eauclaire Fermenta Ampoule

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It seems like the ampoule is the product that you will take care of when you get older.
Highly concentrated active ingredients are essential for older skin.

Leauclaire Fermenta Teatree Ampoule Leclera Fermenta Tea Tree Ampoules.

The tea tree component regulates sebaceous secretion and the highly concentrated fermented product
It’s an ampoule that keeps skin healthy.
Originally, there are 6 pieces, but there is an additional one
It felt like a windfall.

Leauclaire Fermenta Teatree Ampoule with 7 ampules 7ml
Lucille is a percha tea tree ampoule.
Like other ampoules, open the lid, not the syringe.
It came out and convenient.
The skin is rough and rough.

After cleansing, trimmed with toner, applied the essence
Leauclaire Fermenta Teatree Ampoule
You can apply Lucille Perfection Tea Tree Ampoules.

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